How do I become an SFC Farmers' Market Vendor?

Esperanza Farms Vendor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at our SFC Farmers' Markets. We appreciate all applications to the market, but we are limited to the number of vendors we can have at each market, as we strive to create a diverse market structure without compromising our current vendors.

Before you Apply:

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1. Do you know what type of vendor you are?

  • Agricultural producer
  • Service
  • Value Added producers
  • Artisan

Find out by reviewing our SFC Farmers’ Market Policy (pg. 6).

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2. Do you know which permits you need?

Selling at our SFC Farmers’ Markets requires permits issued by local public health authorities. Once you are approved as a vendor, we will help walk you through the proper permits required for your business.

If you would like to know more about local permitting and regulation please visit:

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3. Have you read the SFC Farmers’ Market Policy?

Make sure you read our SFC Farmers’ Market Policy manual before you apply!

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4. Additional Applications Considerations:

We are currently not accepting any new applications from sweet baked goods vendors or soap makers. We appreciate your consideration - please check back in a few months for updates.

We encourage incorporation of local products in value added goods. If you are a vendor applying to the market, please make sure to explicitly list your partnerships with other local producers. If you are currently not working with local producers, please explain what barriers you are experiencing.

Both SFC Farmers’ Markets are producer-only, which means that farmers may only sell what they grow, and other vendors can only sell products that they themselves produce. This is our assurance to our customers that they are supporting local farmers and are purchasing the best food for themselves and their families.