Farmers' Market FAQ

How do I become an SFC Farmers' Market Vendor?

Esperanza Farms Vendor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at our SFC Farmers' Markets.

The SFC Farmers' Markets are proud to support our Central Texas Agricultural Producers. Similarly, we expect our Value Added vendors to support these producers by sourcing materials and ingredients from them to cultivate a cohesive community in our markets.

Both of our Markets are producer-only: vendors may only sell what they grow, raise, make, or harvest themselves.

We're Growing our Markets!

We are actively seeking the following products and services for the market, or other unique products and services that you can bring:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Bread and Tortillas
  • Cheeses
  • Grains and Flours
  • Pantry Staples
  • Ready to Eat Food
  • Wine and Cider
  • Potted Plants
  • Pottery
  • Leather Goods
  • Massage Therapy

Ready to apply? Follow the steps below!

Mixer and Trowel

1. What type of vendor am I?

An Agricultural Producer is any vendor who grows, raises, or wild-harvests a food product themselves

A Value Added Producer is any vendor who incorporates local farm-raised goods to create a final food or artisan product

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2. What kind of permits do I need?

You may need a permit depending on the kind of product you are intending to sell at the market. Please visit our Farmers' Market Permitting FAQ to learn more about permitting.

Acquiring the necessary permits may take a few weeks, so please be aware that this will influence your start date should your application be accepted. We will help walk you through the permitting process required for your business once your application has been approved.

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3. Am I in the right place?

Read our SFC Farmers’ Market Policy Manual before you apply!

If you are a busker, activity provider, or other non profit organization, please read more here.

If you represent a business and would like promote your business at our markets, please consider becoming a sponsor.

Application fee is not refundable. All application decisions are final.

Become a Market Sponsor

2017-11-18 SFC Farmers Market Downtown Marcus Samuelsson

We seek mission-aligned partners to add value to our market community by becoming annual or weekly sponsors.

Sponsoring the SFC Farmers' Markets gives your business access to reach more than 4,400 visitors per week (during peak season) who are health/wellness-minded, and passionate about local food and businesses.

Organizations will be given space at the market to interact with customers as well as a wide array of other benefits depending on sponsorship level.

Want to be a sponsor for the market for a year or even a day? Download our Sponsorship Packet below and contact us to learn more!

Contact: Robin O'Neil, Grants and Corporate Giving Officer


What's in season?

Texas Food Ranch Peppers

For more information about what you can find at market each week, visit our What's Fresh page for weekly updates.

Here's what you can expect to find at the SFC Farmers' Markets throughout the year:


Look for the pop up of fragrant flowers as well as:

Veggies: Arugula / Asparagus / Beets / Broccoli / Brussels Sprouts / Cabbage / Carrots / Cauliflower / Chard / Collard Greens / Garlic / Kale / Leeks / Lettuce / Mustard Greens / Onions / Potatoes / Radishes / Spinach / Squash / Turnips / Tomatoes.

Herbs: Cilantro / Dill / Mint / Parsley

Fruit: Peaches / Plums / Strawberries


Summer, our favorite time of the year! There are abundant quantities of:

Veggies: Arugula / Chard / Cucumbers / Eggplant / Garlic / Green Beans / Lettuce / Mustard Greens / Okra / Onions / Peppers / Potatoes / Pumpkin / Radishes / Squash / Sweet Potatoes / Tomatoes / Turnips

Herbs: Basil and Mint

Fruit: Blackberries / Figs / Melons / Peaches / Pears / Watermelon

FALL (SEPTember  – NOVember):

Fall is like the second summer season (albeit, it is a slower, less productive season), with featuring pecans and a showing of:

Veggies: Arugula / Beets / Broccoli / Cabbage / Cauliflower / Chard / Collard Greens / Cucumbers / Eggplant / Garlic / Green beans / Kale / Mustard Greens / Lettuce / Okra / Onions / Peppers / Potatoes / Pumpkins / Radishes / Spinach / Squash / Sweet Potatoes / Tomatoes / Turnips

Herbs: Basil / Cilantro / Dill / Mint / Parsley

Fruit: Melons

WINTER (DECember - FEBruary):

This is the time for cleansing produce like:

Veggies: Arugula / Beets / Broccoli / Brussels Sprouts / Cabbage / Carrots / Cauliflower / Chard / Collard Greens / Garlic / Kale / Leeks / Mustard Greens / Radishes / Spinach / Swiss Chard / Tomatoes / Turnips

Herbs: Cilantro / Dill / Parsley

Fruit: Grapefruit / Oranges / Strawberries

Permits Needed to Sell at Farmers Markets

Selling at our SFC Farmers’ Markets requires permits issued by local public health authorities. We have done our best to compile information to help you navigate through the permitting process. Find your product in the lines below to learn more about the permits that apply to you.

Please keep in mind that permits are issued per Jurisdiction and are not transferable. You will only need one permit to operate within that jurisdiction.

Fruits, Vegetables, and other Raw Agricultural Products

Whole, uncut, raw agricultural products do not need a farmers’ market permit. Click here to learn more about Austin Public Health’s permit exemptions.


Selling frozen meat at the markets requires a Class A permit issued by APH. Be sure to list the Central Preparation Facility used as the place where you store your product in between markets. Click here to see the Class A application.


A Class A permit is necessary to sell eggs at both of our markets. You are exempt from paying the fee only if you are selling eggs within the City of Austin. Click here to see the Class A application.

Non-Edible Plants

Selling non-edible plants at Farmers' Markets requires a Class M Nursery Floral License issued by the Texas Department of Agriculture. You can apply online at the TDA Website.

Ready to Eat Foods and Drinks.

If you are selling consumable ready to eat products to the public, you need a Class A or B permit. Please be sure to check out the Austin Public Health website to learn more about the requirements for the type of permit that you need.

The Texas Cottage Law

The cottage law allows people to sell shelf stable food products made in their kitchens directly to the public without having to get a food manufacturers’ license, use a commercial kitchen, or be subject to inspections by the state or local health departments.

The list of items that fall under the cottage law and its regulations can be found at the Austin Public Health site.

If you have questions regarding the Texas Cottage Law and its most recent changes, the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance website has further details and additional resources.

Sampling at the Farmers Market

Vendors can prepare and provide samples on-site so long as they meet some basic sanitation requirements:

  • Samples must be distributed in a sanitary manner.
  • A person preparing produce samples on-site must either wear clean, disposable plastic gloves while, or wash their hands in soap and water prior to, preparing the samples.
  • Potable water must be available for washing.
  • Utensils and cutting surfaces used for cutting samples must be smooth, nonabsorbent, and easily cleaned or disposed of.

What are the Rules and Regulations of the Market?

In an effort to highlight the benefits of SFC Farmers’ Markets and to be supportive of our vendors we have created a SFC Farmers' Markets Policy Manual. This document includes the rules governing SFC Farmers’ Markets, but also explains how we work together with our vendors to make some of the best markets in Austin.

How do I bring an event or activity to the farmers’ market?

SFC is looking for interactive children and adult activities that can be done at the farmers’ market. We will provide you with a space in the market and you can promote your nonprofit, services, etc. You can collect information from market patrons, but cannot collect payment or fundraise at market.

You should turn in the application at least three weeks before you would like to attend market. We will review the application, available dates, and alignment with our mission.

Please review the SFC Farmers' Market Policy Manual for additional requirements.


I'm a musician. How do I play at a market?

We are delighted to host musicians that take the stage at our markets. However, our musician rosters are currently full. We are not seeking additional musicians for market at this time.

Is there an ATM at the markets?

The Downtown and Sunset Valley farmers' market locations offer ATMs. Go to the SFC Information Tent and ask for the location of the market ATM.

All markets accept Cash, Debit/Credit (though each vaires by vendor) SNAP Lone Star Card, WIC – EBT cards for fruits and vegetables, and Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program coupons. Learn more here.