What People are Saying about Double Dollars

Customer Quotes:

When I make my caldo de res, I can smell the scent of fresh cilantro all around my house. I notice it much more than when I buy cilantro from the store. It’s much better flavor!” - Adelina, Farm Stand at Sierra Ridge Apartments, February 2016

"I’ve been able to go off of my [over the counter] digestive medication because of the better access to produce that I have now." -Dedra, Farm Stand at Cunningham Elementary, April 2016

"I have basketball camp [during the summer], and I think I want to have vegetables instead of snacks after practice." - Alexis, 13 years old. Aunt (Bridget, see below) uses SNAP, DDIP at Farm Stand (Sierra Ridge), June 2016

"[points to her niece] She’s always telling me, no Auntie buy fresh! Buy fresh! So I’ve been saving money [on my SNAP card] for this [farm stand produce]." -Bridget, Farm Stand customer, June 2016

It motivates me because it’s so close to home. The produce is so fresh, and the prices are low. I’m going to eat these carrots right now!” – José, St. Elmo Road Farm Stand shopper, November 2016

"I can have the confidence that it’s organic, and that these products are truly high-quality [as opposed to labeling and advertising in grocery environments]." - Areli, Farm Stand Customer, November 2016

Farmer Quotes:

"Green Gate Farms' community supported agriculture (CSA) program and farm stand is what has kept our farm in business for 10 years. Because we farm in a food desert and many of our neighbors struggle with chronic disease, it’s important that we reach people of all incomes. Being part of the Double Dollar program has allowed us to make delicious, organic foods more accessible. Our customers are delighted with the savings and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you. " – Erin Flynn, Farmer”

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