We're Almost There - Can You Help?

We'd like to send a huge thanks to those of you who attended Farm to Plate last week and donated to toward our $30,000 goal, which will be matched by a generous foundation grant. And we are almost there, but we need your help to complete the challenge and receive our matching funds.

Watch the video above for a special message to you from our Executive Director, Ronda Rutledge, and see below for the impact your gift makes in our community.

Your $5,000 investment helps SFC and our partners preserve and support FIVE existing small to mid-sized farms increase their production.

Your $2,500 gift allows SFC and our partners to incentivize TWO existing farmers to transition to more regenerative methods of food production.

Your $1,000 donation ensures that nutritious, local fruits and veggies are affordable for THIRTY-THREE low-income families.

Your $500 investment provides enough seeds to start TWENTY school gardens.

Your $250 gift provides Double Dollar benefits for TEN families at our farmers’ markets and farm stands.

Your $100 donation ensures that ONE under-served Mom can take a 6-week cooking and nutrition education class series.