Poems from Camp

We had a wonderful week co-hosting summer camp with our neighbors at Creative Action, and we’re pretty sure the campers had as much fun as we did.

With SFC’s Grow Local and Farm Direct programs, they built trellises in the garden, visited the SFC Farmers’ Market East, set up their own mini farm stands, and learned about parts of a plant.


In the kitchen, they learned about healthy eating, sampled a variety of vegetables, herbs, and spices, and prepared healthy snacks using produce from the market and garden. Their favorite was popcorn, and our favorite was hearing them ask for more vegetables to eat with their cucumber yogurt dip.

They also used that knowledge to create their own recipes with Creative Action’s staff, and here are some of the poems that they wrote about their creations:

Zippy Smoothie

By Wylie, Isaac, and Rogelio

A smoothie is pink

A smoothie needs time

A smoothie needs a banana

A smoothie is freedom

A smoothie needs a blender

A smoothie needs a human or dog

A smoothie needs a straw

A smoothie needs the end.

Fruity Paradise

By Pia, Ellie K, Nola, and Aurora

Fruity Paradise is a healthy snack

Fruity Paradise is yummy for your tummy

Juicy sweet, and a tasty treat that is good to eat.

Add an herb, basil or mint they are true to their scent

It is appetizing for you to eat at this show that is really neat

Soldier Soup

By Rocket, Sebastian, Linus, and Devon

It is smooth and salty.

Its bumpy but not that hard.

The soup is soldier soup.

The soup is yummy.


This camp wrapped up our summer of half-day field trips—check out Monday’s blog post for more info on those!