How You Can Invest in a Healthier Outlook

At Sustainable Food Center, we are working toward a future where all people, and our environment, thrive through just and sustainable food. Because healthy food changes everything.

That's why I’d like to tell you a story about one person who changed her life, improved her health, and reconnected to her roots.

Grace Rivera wasn’t always a gardener and a cook. Her mother played that role in her family.

“My mom was a gardener. It may be the real secret reason why I got involved [with SFC]. Every time I get out in the garden, I really reconnect with her. In the Hispanic culture, food is love!”

Nearly 3 million adults in Texas struggle with diabetes. When diabetes goes unchecked it may result in heart disease, stroke, or even death.

After taking her first free 6-week cooking and nutrition education class with SFC’s The Happy Kitchen, Grace saw her blood sugar levels improve.

“I now use a lot less salt. I think about when I add meat to something... I think about all the different ingredients… It’s just made me healthier. Not just healthier body wise, but healthier outlook.”

When you make a gift today, you help cover the cost of healthy food and nutrition materials for our free 6-week classes.

Grace’s wish is to see a future where everyone has a backyard garden. Where all people can reach outside and have some fresh herbs for their home cooked meals.

“That memory of being out there with [my mom] and then bringing [in the food] and cooking it for my family. It’s precious. I just wish everybody had that experience.” - Grace Rivera

When you support SFC, you are building a future where all people can have healthy food, regardless how much money they make. A future where hunger and diet-related disease are no more and we protect our planet for generations to come.

Please, will you make a gift today and take a stand for a healthy future?