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Gaining New Skills in the Happy Kitchen

One of the many perks of having a kitchen of our own is that we can now invite participants in the free six-week community classes to join us at SFC for follow-up classes. On June 25th, we hosted our third knife skills class just for past participants in the series. Unlike the series, these classes are 100% hands-on. Everyone in the class practices their knife skills on about ten different vegetables (mostly sourced from Johnson’s Backyard Garden), and we also share tips for what to do with the veggies at home. When we sent out the invitation to the knife skills class, two participants responded with some updates about what they’d been up to since the initial six week series. Marva Bennet and Angel Thornton both originally completed the six-week series this March at Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, and Angel also completed the “202” six-week series that we offered here at SFC this spring. These were their updates:

"I purchased my first herb plants to see how I could take care of them and what to do if I go out of town for 3-4 days. Right now they are in pots on a table on the east side of my house which is the back of the house. I bought Mexican parsley, Italian oregano, and sweet basil. I want to get mint. Maybe I will take a class on gardening in pots for the new person." (Marva Bennet, Mt. Sinai)

"Also, tonight I served sautéed spinach, roasted corn & the Swiss chard crust less quiche with a dessert choice of fresh chilled pineapple or "Ridiculously Healthy Oatmeal cookies" (lol, that's the name of the recipe) and everybody loved it! Thank you!" (Angel Thornton, Mt. Sinai and 202)