Action Alert!

Council Member Ora Houston has proposed re-instating the previous rates for Temporary Food Establishment permits. This would more than triple the cost ($35 to $96) to host or participate in a not-for-profit organized or fundraising event with food. Please call and email your Council Member and Council Member Houston TODAY to request that not-for-profit and/or fundraising events requiring Temporary Food Establishment permits pay the current rate. Much advocacy occurred on behalf of the Austin/Travis County Sustainable Food Policy Board, Sustainable Food Center and others previously to make the rates affordable; increasing the rates is an undue burden. Time is critical because the Austin City Council is working on the budget this very moment. Below is sample language—please use in your phone calls and emails. Thank you!

Hello Council Member ________,

I am calling to express my concern over the proposal to increase the Temporary Food Establishment fee structure. The increased fees will burden not-for-profit organized events aimed at fundraising, or at educating the public of historic, cultural or civic issues. Additionally, farmers’ market vendors who sell their food at additional locations besides farmers’ markets will be burdened. Examples of events that will be negatively affected include the Greater Austin Youth Association Juneteenth Association Celebration, Green Corn Project’s annual fundraiser, Viva La Vida Festival, Austin Chinese New Celebrations at the Asian American Resource Center and countless others. I encourage you to extend the current, affordable Temporary Food Establishment fee structure for not-for-profit organized or fundraising events.

Thank you for listening to my concerns,