What to Plant in April

April marks the end of the spring planting season in Central Texas for many fruits and veggies. Make sure you get your seeds and transplants in the ground now! Check out what you can plant in April below:

What to Plant in April

  • Beans, Snap and Lima (April 1-30, from seeds)
  • Cantaloupe (April 1-30, from seeds)
  • Swiss Chard (April 1-30, from seeds or transplant)
  • Corn (April 1-15, from seeds)
  • Cucumber (April 1-30, from seeds)
  • Eggplant (April 1-30, from transplant)
  • Greens, Warm Season (March 15-31)
  • Okra (April 1-30, from seeds)
  • Peas, Southern (April 1-30, from seeds) – i.e. Black-eyed peas, NOT snap peas
  • Pepper (April 1-30, from transplant)
  • Potato, Sweet (April 15-30, from slips)
  • Pumpkin (April 1-30, from seeds)
  • Squash, Summer and Winter (April 1-30, from seeds)
  • Tomatoes (April 1-30, from transplant)
  • Watermelon (April 1-30, from seeds)

Good places to find seeds and transplants are The Natural Gardener, The Great Outdoors, or any other local, organic nursery. Call ahead to see if they have what you are looking for!

It’s also time to start a compost system for your spring garden to maintain healthy soil to grow healthy and strong vegetables. Sign up for one of our gardening classes this spring.