Time to Plant Melons

Big, fat, juicy homegrown melons are intensely fragrant and flavorful, and quite satisfying to grow from seed. Plant seeds in rich soil, make sure they get lots of sun and water, and give them plenty of room to grow! Here are some of our favorite heirloom varieties--these are unlike anything you'll find in the store.

  • Moon & Stars Watermelon--A legendary heirloom variety rediscovered in Missouri, these melons can grow to over 40 pounds, so only plant if you have plenty of space. The dark green rind has bright yellow spots, and the fruit has very sweet, brilliant red flesh.
  • Charentais Melon--A famous French heirloom, these small muskmelons with bright orange flesh are super sweet and fragrant and grow to 2-3 pounds with beautiful light, gray-green skin.
  • Melone Retato Degli--Tuscan heirloom melon with deep lobes, perfumed aroma and exceptionally sweet flavor.
  • Ananas Melon--A rare white heirloom from the 1800's, with sweet and juicy white flesh.

When you grow heirloom melons, save the seeds for next year's crop! Learn more about seed saving and many other gardening topics in our classes, held throughout the year.