School Garden Classroom Training 2016

Teachers! Start a garden - Get credit hours

Teachers, do you want to learn how to start a garden and use it as an outdoor classroom? How about strengthening your Central Texas food gardening skills? Our Grow Local program has you covered. We want to help teachers feel confident in their skills to integrate school gardens into the campus environment and use them as a teaching tool.

Throughout the school year, we offer a mix of free and for-fee Garden Leadership Trainings, School Garden Classroom Trainings, and Introduction to Food Gardening classes that any teacher in the Austin area may attend – and receive credit hours through AISD! Here is a brief overview of our fall Grow Local classes and trainings, and instructions on how to register:

Garden Leadership Training

In this 2-part training offered in the fall and spring, you will learn how to organize, plan, manage, and sustain a garden. This fall’s training is on 9/18 & 9/19, 6-8pm is open for registration ($30); teachers may attend for free by contacting to sign up.

School Garden Classroom Training

In this 2-part training offered in the fall, you will learn TEKS-aligned lessons and activities to use in the garden, as well as classroom management best practices. This fall’s training on 10/23 & 10/24, 6-8pm (free) and is open for registration.

Introduction to Food Gardening Class series

  • Free classes: Held at partner host sites throughout the Austin area in the fall and spring, these 3-part class series provide a hands-on, in-depth food gardening educational experience. Registration is primarily limited to the host site’s clients and therefore not published on SFC’s Classes page, but spots are available for teachers. Contact for a list of upcoming free Intro to Food Gardening Classes this fall and to register.
  • For-fee class: Offered in the fall and spring at SFC’s Teaching Garden, this in-depth food gardening class is a 2-part series ($60). This fall’s class will be held on 2 Saturdays, 9/22 and 9/29, 9am-12pm and is open for registration. All proceeds from for-fee classes go back to supporting our free programming.

We look forward to supporting teachers in their school efforts!