Grow Some Happiness

Grow some happiness! Community gardeners in our St. David's Foundation community garden have been turning on the smiles with the bright and cheerful sunflowers they've planted. Standing tall, faces turned towards the sun, they bring more than just a good vibe to the garden. Come see us and start learning about growing food and companion flowers in our teaching garden! You can see what's growing in the community garden, learn how to apply for a plot, and work alongside our Grow Local Teaching Garden Coordinator Ellen during open garden hours--check out times on our events calendar.

And start growing happiness today--read on for our top five reasons to grow sunflowers!

1. They're tough! Easy to cultivate a grow, sunflowers are also drought and heat tolerant.

2. They're lovely! Sunflowers come in a kaleidoscope of varieties, from the sunny pom-poms of "Teddy Bear," to the exquisite deep burgundy petals of "Moulin Rouge," and to the towering height of mammoth "American Giant," there's no end to the fun of growing sunflowers..

3. They're powerful! Sunflowers draw toxins from the soil, leaving the earth cleaner than they found it. Fun fact: after Hurricane Katrina, non-profit groups spread sunflower seeds all over the city to clean the soil.

4. They're delicious! Harvest seed pods when flower heads dry and toast and salt them for a healthy, chemical free snack.

5. Bees love them! Industrious bees will turn sunflower nectar into honey and while they're there, they'll gladly pollinate your fruits and vegetables while they're at it.