Grow Local's Garden Goals for the New Year

We look forward to a bright beginning for 2015! To kick off the new year, the members of the Grow Local team want to share with you 10 “garden goals” for 2015. We hope these inspire you and provide ideas to help you grow a thriving, prolific, and sustainable garden in the year to come!

Happy New Year from the Grow Local Team!

  • Sari, Grow Local Program Director
  • Ellen, Grow Local Teaching Garden Coordinator
  • Bianca, Grow Local School Garden Manager
  • Katie, Grow Local Education Coordinator

1. Ellen resolves to donate more produce from her garden to local food pantries.

2. Bianca wants to involve more kiddos in gardening through field trips at the SFC Teaching Garden.

3. Sari wants to collect plenty of fallen leaves while they’re available, in order to have a ready supply of free mulch and compost “browns” available for months to come!

4. Katie wants to mulch, mulch, mulch! She’ll ensure her garden is well mulched at all times, so her soil’s temperature is regulated, water is conserved, and weeds are kept at bay.

5. Ellen resolves to ramp up participation in Grow Local Classes in the Teaching Garden.

6. Sari wants to experiment with saving seeds from at least two new crops (one per planting season).

7. Sari will participate at a volunteer work day of a community garden where she’s never gotten her hands dirty.

8. Bianca would like to visit new school gardens in Austin and meet the gardeners.

9. Katie resolves to keep a planting journal.

10. Sari wants to share her harvest with at least one neighbor she hasn’t met.