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Giving Gardeners

Gift giving does not have to be an expensive, consumer-driven activity. Many people find that creative, thoughtful presents are more meaningful and valuable than store-bought things. There are many ways to give without contributing to the problem of over-consumption—here are a few!

Donate Harvest – Fresh, unprocessed food is in short supply at many food pantries and shelters. Consider sharing part of your garden harvest with people who don’t have access to fresh produce. We share surplus produce from the SFC Teaching Garden with Casa Marianella and other donation collection sites in Austin. Capitol Area Food Bank in Austin accepts fresh produce donations anytime during business hours. Their address is 8201 S. Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78745

Buy One, Give One – When you buy a gift certificate for a cooking or gardening class at SFC, you are not only helping us further our mission by strengthening the local food system and improving access to nutritious, affordable food in our Austin-area community, you are also providing the recipient with the chance to learn new cooking or gardening skills. Our classes are even more fun with a buddy, so consider purchasing one class for yourself, and one for a friend or relative! You can even purchase gift cards that let recipients choose their own classes. Click here to check out our upcoming classes and to purchase a gift card, click here.

Volunteer in the SFC Teaching Garden – Time is a truly valuable resource to give. Nonprofits like SFC depend on volunteer help to carry out our mission. We rely on volunteers to help plant, weed, water, and work on many projects like preparing for the installation of our new 2400-gallon rainwater cisterns in the SFC Teaching Garden. Volunteering is a fun and healthy way to give to everyone who utilizes the Teaching Garden; students who explore it during field trips; gardening class participants who gain hands-on experience there, youth who visit weekly during Creative Action’s afterschool program, neighbors who enjoy walking through it and of course, those who benefit from the fresh food we donate to food pantries. For more information about volunteering in the Teaching Garden, visit: