Field Trips to the SFC Teaching Garden

Our Grow Local team is thrilled to share the wonders of the natural world with kids through our SFC Teaching Garden. This year, we have hosted several exciting field trips to the Teaching Garden for school groups in the Austin area. Students of all ages have explored the garden beds, smelling and tasting mustard greens and sweet carrots and finding bugs in the dirt. They have learned about the importance of composting and dug into the pleasant-smelling fertile piles of compost. Most importantly, students have been exposed to the concept of a food system. We have shown where food comes from – how it travels from seed to table – and discussed related issues of access, health, food justice, and sustainability.

We have found these trips to be an incredible educational opportunity for not only the students but also the teachers and parents that attend the trip. Furthermore, it’s a shared, hands-on learning experience outside in nature, where there is room for exploration and discovery.

This Spring, we are excited to host several field trips with local elementary schools as our gardens come to life again, showcasing the beauty and wonder of growing your own food. From learning about water, plants, soil, and carbon, to better understanding why fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the garden are a healthy option, we can’t wait to share with young minds why we love being active in the local food system. We look forward to hosting more groups in the future!

If you are interested in learning more about field trips to the SFC Teaching Garden, please contact for more info. Our field trips take place at the garden for up to 2 hours for all age groups and cost $5 student. Group size is limited to 30 students.