Another Successful Resource Giveaway Day!

Spread the Harvest is a project of our Grow Local gardening program that helps Central Texas residents, community gardens and school gardens grow and share healthy food by providing them with free gardening resources. As part of Spread the Harvest, we put on our bi-annual Resource Giveaway Day on Thursday, March 23rd from noon until 7:00pm.

This year, we were able to provide resources to 164 individual gardeners, 20 group/community gardens and 68 school gardens in the Central Texas area. Thanks to our incredible staff and volunteers, we distributed 3,348 plants, hundreds of hand-packed and labeled seed packets, 64 cups of fish emulsion concentrate and 100 cubic yards of rich organic compost (that’s 4,039 five-gallon buckets!).

Our friends at Compost Coalition, House Rabbit Rescue Network (yes, they brought bunnies and their fertilizer too), and Travis County Master Gardeners Association gave plant clinics on site, and our very own Food Access staff came out to educate participants about additional resources we provide as they navigated their way from station-to-station.

It was a day filled with connection, education, generosity and gratitude. A big thank you to Baha’i Faith Austin for providing the wonderful space, along with New Day Community Garden for giving everyone beautiful poppies and gardens to look at for inspiration.

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  • 2017-03-Spread-the-Harvest-Compost-Pile_WEBSITE.jpg
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