Storms and festivals won’t keep the fruits and vegetables away

It’s been quite the rainy season in Central Texas lately, but that hasn’t stopped the many spring festivals we enjoy here in Austin from taking place – or our veggies from growing! While we love the variety of things to do in our bustling city, our many festivals tend to take over our streets and parking spaces making it difficult to get down to the markets at all.

If you have found yourself wanting to skip a visit to the SFC Farmers’ Market in favor of a quick trip to the grocery store, read on for few thoughts on why we think the farmers’ markets are always the best place to shop and some tips to help you get there!

1. All 4 of our SFC Farmers’ Markets are rain or shine! You can always find us open, except in rare dangerous weather conditions – the farmers and the vendors are committed to providing you with the very best of local food each and every week.

2. Fruits and vegetables love the rain! While some of our favorite crops might not be ready just now (like those delicious peaches we’ve been waiting for since last summer) because of the high number of cloudy days, there are still more than three dozen fruit and vegetable farmers to choose from at the SFC Farmers’ Markets, and they all have a large variety of delicious and fresh produce that is growing right now. What better reason to brave the traffic and rain?

3. It’s amazing what risks farmers have taken to grow and fulfill our desires for something good, nutritious, and fulfilling. There are four to five times as many strawberry growers among farmers in the SFC family than in years past. You’ll find plenty at market right now. Need kale for that green smoothie? There is piles of it at the markets now. Spinach too!

4. Make a healthy day of it and walk or bike to the market. Nothing goes better with fresh, healthy food than a little bit of exercise.

5. There are 108 free parking spots directly in the flat surface parking lot adjacent to the SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown. And did you know the meters around downtown are free until 11 am on Saturdays? City Hall is just two and a half blocks away and always offers free parking. If you prefer the convenience of parking closer, the state parking garage adjacent to the market offers market shopper a reduced rate of $3 to park all day. If you want to avoid downtown Austin, plan a visit to our SFC Farmers’ Market at Sunset Valley, located near Highway 290 and Brodie Lane. There are 17 acres of free parking at the Tony Burger Center where the market is held. Many of the same farmers’ and vendors can be found at both our SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown and at Sunset Valley.

6. We recommend keeping apprised of the festivals and street closures by signing up for the Downtown Austin Alliance’s newsletter or visithing their website: A route around festivals and parades can always be found, to ensure that you can get to the farmers’ market no matter what.

7. This weekend, there are festivals galore, but remember, it doesn’t stop the fruits and vegetables! Cesar Chavez and Riverside should be avoided this weekend on your trip to downtown. At our SFC Farmers’ Market at Sunset Valley this weekend we are coordinating with the City of Sunset Valley on their Annual ArtFest:{F31012ED-3301-46F0-B4DC-42B31CEA266A. There will be more than 50 artisans to shop from, as well as the regular farmers and food vendors you love.

See you at the markets!