Shower Mom with Local Love from the SFC Farmers' Markets

Mothers may look like mortals, but we all know they're superheros in disguise. Who else could be a parent, life coach, personal chef, chauffeur, hair stylist, disciplinarian, mediator, protector, nurse, teacher, personal shopper, seamstress, therapist, tutor, financial adviser and best friend all at the same time?

What better way to say thank you to mom for all she's done and for a lifetime of delicious, healthy meals than to treat her to the best seasonal special treats from Austin farms and kitchens? We've done the hard work for you--stop by SFC Farmers' Market Downtown or Sunset Valley this Saturday for an abundance of gifts for your favorite lady! Here are our top five picks for mom:

  • Big, showy, fragrant bunches of larkspur, delphinium, dianthus, and snap dragons from Animal Farm (Downtown).
  • Sweetly decadent strawberry vanilla bean preserves (pair with Easy Tiger croissants and wrap with a pretty bow) of cowgirl salt (pair with limes and a bottle of great tequila) from Confituras(Downtown and Sunset Valley) and carrot cake preserves (pair with cream cheese kolaches) from Harvest Time Farm (Downtown).
  • A big jar of fragrant wildflower honey and besswax lip balm from Austin Honey Co. or Round Rock Honey (Downtown and Sunset Valley).
  • Pure chocolate bliss: white, milk, and dark chocolate covered cocoa beans from Cocoa Puro--the snazzy red foil bags let you skip gift wrapping! (Downtown).
  • Handmade scrubby, bubbly loofah soap from SoAP (Downtown and Sunset Valley) or luxuriosly creamy farmstead goats milk soap from Springfield Farm (Downtown).