New Summer Market Bounty

There are a few magical weeks in central Texas between spring and summer when crops from both seasons are abundant. Those of you who shop the market all year know these weeks, plan vacations and dinner parties around them, devise recipes that include root vegetables, greens, basil, and summer squash all in the same dish, and revel in the brief moment in time when it's possible to have an all-local BLT. For the next few weeks (who knows how long?) the market will feel like an Edenic paradise, and we'll go home with market bags and baskets bursting at the seams with rosy beets, leafy greens, just-dug new potatoes, crisp peppers, tender green beans and summer squash, juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers and radishes, spring onions, lettuces, berries, and peaches. Need inspiration for your seasonal bounty? Check out our ingredient-focused Pinterest boards just for market shoppers!