Market Finds

At SFC Farmers' Markets, each season has its particular and distinctive delights. The rains this spring have yielded an abundance of lush produce unlike any we've seen in years, and we know the dangers of walking into such temptation without a plan! We're pretty good about making a list and keeping within a budget, but setting aside a dollar or two for special finds and exciting discoveries makes shopping the market especially fun. In these weeks of early summer, here are a few unusual delights you might stumble upon, delicacies you certainly won't find at the grocery store.

Plums--We're all talking about the tart, tiny, green plums from Lightsey Farm's orchards. After a day or two on the counter, these puckery little fruits turned a lovely soft share of rosy pink and baked up beautifully in an upside down cake. We thought about pickling them too or putting some up in preserves for winter.

Radishes--This year, we've seen long, lavender purple daikons; peppery, fuschia watermelon radishes; and spiciest-of-all black radishes that would give horseradish a run for its money.

Squash Blossoms--One of summer's most abundant crops, zucchini and yellow squash can spare a few blooms. Snatch them up for stuffing with creamy goat cheese and frying or sauteeing to toss with pasta or tuck into quesadillas.

Onion Flowers--Pale periwinkle pom poms at the top of the onion stalk are great in vegetable str fries or tossed into a salad of peppery arugula and cucumber.