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Happy National Farmer's Market Week!

This week we're doing our part to enforce the federal mandate* to celebrate our farmers' markets all across the nation. Looking back, personally I have a lot to celebrate, and I'm sure you do too.

I grew up driving down country roads with my Dad in search of elusive roadside stands that touted fresh sweet corn, piles of summer melons or long bright stalks of rainbow chard. As a teenager I would rush out of school on Friday afternoons to make the closing bell of my town’s weekly market, scooping up freshly baked focaccia bread, giant bunches of radishes and local goat cheese. When I travel, my main concern is leaving enough time to visit the city’s main green market. No matter how little kitchen space my accommodations have or how little room I left in my carry-on, I manage to spend most of my money on small packets of spices and ripe tomatoes (a word of warning, don't pack the tomatoes in your carry-on.) I could move all of my possessions in reusable canvas bags from all the cities markets I have visited: Somerville, Santa Fe, New Orleans… I have never left a market without a new recipe and a belly full of inspiration.

According to a study conducted by the American Farm Bureau, 72% of consumers know “nothing” or “very little” about farming or ranching. Farmers’ markets are my favorite way of getting to know the people and region I am in. It’s the crossroads between rural producers and urban consumers. It is a place where you can ensure that your money is staying local, employing and supporting people who live and give back in your area.

Now in its 18th season, National Farmers’ Market Week is a yearly celebration sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture, held the first full week of every August. We know that’s a sweltering hot week in Austin, but these festivities allow farmers’ markets to take center stage on a national level, and it’s an opportunity for markets all around the country to showcase the meaningful impacts they make in their communities.

So come on out and celebrate our own little SFC Farmers' Market community! We have put together a bevy of activities to show just how much we appreciate our local producers and customers.

Fancy yourself a photographer? Tag your selfie, a pic of your market haul or favorite farmer in a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #LoveMyMarket @SFClocal and you could win a Yeti Tumbler!

Don’t let the kiddos miss out – bring them down and stop by the info booth for a scavenger hunt card and a coupon for a cool prize.

Show a little love! Ever wonder how you can show your appreciation for your favorite SFC vendor? This weekend customers can vote for their favorite and the winning vendors will have their booth fees waived for the day!

We are celebrating National Farmers’ Market Week at all three of our SFC Farmers’ Markets: August 9th at the Triangle and August 12th at Downtown and Sunset Valley. Be sure to follow our Facebook page and event for up-to-date information on all our exciting activities this week!

*Not really a mandate, more of a suggestion.