Fourth of July Farmers' Markets Celebrations

We are celebrating independence this weekend! The spirit of independence and self-reliance that launched the United States on it’s path to nationhood was rooted in the very land that the first American farmer’s cultivated.

Texans have our own, unique, histories and traditions to celebrate in the summer typically starting with festivities this weekend. Watermelon, anyone? When it gets hot here, the peppers come with incredible colors and delicious flavors, the summer squash and the tender eggplant are ready to grill right alongside grass fed and naturally raised lamb and beef, pork and poultry.

Texas has more farms than any other state: 247,500. And the most acres used as farms, 130,400,000, too! Those farms grow the food we will all eat this weekend. We can celebrate our heritage and ensure that our children will learn their Texas histories by supporting the farmers who follow the path of caring for the land and nurturing the independent spirit they represent for all of us.

Thank your farmer’s and honor our independence by coming to the SFC Farmers' Market’s with your family this Fourth of July.