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Follow That Farm

I count myself pretty lucky to be a part of the farmers’ market team here at SFC. In a typical work week I might visit an iconic rancher, book a children’s choir to serenade our customers, or help a vendor design clearer signage. In the midst of all this, I always make sure to take some time to check out what our farmers and ranchers are doing on social media.

I want to take this opportunity to let you in on these moments of sunshine in anticipation of our first ever #FollowFriday! Take a look at some of our vendor’s best work and get inspired to flock to the markets this weekend to take a piece home with you.


The past two months have left most of Central Texas a muddy mess, but the sun has arrived and with it, some fall favorites. Check out this satisfying carrot pull from the Johnson’s Backyard Garden Field Manager, or this first peek at baby brassicas coming up all over Oma and Opa’s Farm. Sometimes farmers will even tell you their own secret recipes, like this slideshow from Goldenwood Mushrooms, featuring Richardson’s Farm pork sausage. Then there are the shots of the truly bizarre, like this upside down mushroom from HiFi Mycology or a veggie phoenix from Yard to Market Coop.


Let’s cut to the chase and discuss why we are really on the internet in the first place: cute pictures of animals! You don’t have to look much farther than the shenanigans constantly taking place at Party Fowl Farm (these goats need their own account.) Get a behind the scenes look at how the soap is fed at Springfield Farms. Peep the whole herd roaming just outside of town at Ranger Cattle. Or just fawn over the sweet combo of babies and ducklings out at Belle Vie Farm and Kitchen.


Following ranchers and farmers is a way that we can appreciate the not so glamorous side of agriculture. Like this past summer, when temperatures rose to 114 degrees and Smith and Smith Farms lost most of their flock of turkeys. Or B5 Farm reminds us with his frequent updates on rattlers in the field. And this reminder from Texas Food Ranch that rain may be good for our overall drought, but it’s not always a friend to farmers. By following these farms, you’ll know when they really need you to turn up and support them at market!

Make sure to stop by either market, Downtown or at Sunset Valley, this weekend to support local producers.

And remember – Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! Plan your shopping at the markets to ensure you have the most local feast around. If you didn’t end up winning a turkey as part of our “Fall for Local Food” challenge, you can still buy a local bird! Pre-order turkeys from Smith Farm, Belle Vie Farm and Kitchen, Richardson’s Farm, or Party Fowl Farm by November 10th to ensure you get the best turkey these ranchers have to offer. Don’t forget to stock up on feast favorites like sweet potatoes, spinach, pecans, lettuce, carrots, winter squash and onions from our hardworking farmers. Happy holidays!