WIC Moms

Farmers in Food Access

We talk a lot about how Double Dollars benefits SNAP and WIC (Women, Infant and Children) users but we wanted to take moment to look on the other side of the aisle. Did you know that our farmers’ participate and benefit from our food access work too?

This month, Yard to Market Coop and Texas Food Ranch are showcasing “WIC baskets” at our SFC Farmers’ Markets. We partner with WIC to double - and on First Saturdays TRIPLE - WIC benefits so families can buy more fruits and vegetables. Now, they can use their Double Dollars to purchase pre-made local baskets from our farmers!

To market this initiative, our Food Access team brings a demo basket to WIC clinics with fresh vegetables from our actual market vendors promoting the weekend’s bounty. We raffle off the fruits and vegetables at the end of the day and invite WIC clients to come out and visit our farmers.

Cindy, her mom and her newborn (pictured above), visited her local WIC clinic and her attention was drawn to the colorful table where SFC was featuring seasonal veggies like nopalitos, radishes and carrots from Yard to Market Coop. She won the raffle and is excited to be using her WIC card at the SFC Farmers’ Market for the first time. She said that she “really looks for organic” and “cannot wait to try the produce that is grown here in Texas”.