Fall into SFC Farmers' Markets!

A Chill in the Air

Every year around this time I step outside, feel a crisp breeze and realize that fall has once again snuck quietly into Austin. I change my coffee order from iced to hot and dream about roasting pans of root veggies for dinner. It’s also around this time that I remember to put in my order at the farmers’ market for my Thanksgiving turkey! Read on to learn how you can support SFC’s farmers by buying a local, pasture-raised turkey this year. If this cool weather inspires you to pull on a light jacket and grab your reusable totes for a morning at the farmers’ market make sure you don’t miss this weekend’s Fall Festival happening at our Downtown and Sunset Valley markets.


Fall Fest Forever

Hitch up your wagons and strap in the kiddos, because we have lots of fun stuff happening this weekend. Swing by the info booth to pick up your Fall Scavenger Hunt cards and then make your rounds of the market while hunting for clues. When you are done, turn it in for a free pumpkin at our pumpkin decorating booth! We will have paint, glue and googly eyes available to make your pumpkin as cute – or spooky - as you desire.

Then head over to our fall photo booth to commemorate this autumnal time with a series of hay bale selfies.

Smith and Smith Sign_WEBSITE.jpg

It’s Turkey Time

While you are out at the market, check in on our local ranchers’ turkey offerings. Belle Vie Farms is in their third year of turkey production, and selling out quick! These birds are fed only Sunshine Organic feed and green grass, making them happy and delicious. Colby Smith of Smith and Smith Farms has antibiotic and hormone free turkeys. Sign up for a turkey at the market and Colby will deliver them fresh - never frozen - on November 21st. Ricardo of El Cruz Ranch has a few of his coveted heritage white all female birds left, you can text him at 512-507-6829 to reserve yours. As always, Richardson Farms has you covered for fowl of all shapes and sizes; just use the easy order form on their website. These turkeys are out in the pasture in “turkey tractors” and fed non-GMO feed which they raise on the farm themselves. Turkeys will be frozen and brought to market to pick up on November 18th.

Unsure how to best prepare your locally raised turkey for a crowd-pleasing Thanksgiving feast? Join us in our Teaching Kitchen on November 19th for our Thanksgiving Turkey 101 class! You'll learn everything you need to know about how to trim, brine, stuff, cook and serve this special turkey, and what to do with every part, including how to make gravy and stock. This class will be taught by co-founders Julia Poplawsky and Leah Gibson of Central Texas Meat Collective, and Sous Chef Mike Diaz from Dai Due Taqueria.

However you celebrate this season, make shopping at SFC Farmers’ Markets part of your routine.

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