Fall Bounty in Central Texas

Central Texas offers a bountiful harvest for fall and early winter, with an overlap of seasons and a luscious variety of produce. The weather has reminded us that Texas is a challenging place to live and work. And yet, at the SFC Farmers’ Markets this fall are in full swing. Notice the heirloom eggplants in various tones and myriad shapes – each with a distinct flavor and texture.

Also at the SFC Farmers' Markets you will find tomatoes, radishes, and greens, such as spinach, lettuce, and arugula. These classic salad fixings are all available at the same time – a synchronicity that only occurs briefly in Austin autumns. Radishes come in many shapes and flavor profiles at market, from the small round very red variety, to the pale milky white of the longer and hotter varieties. Kids seem entranced but the idea of watermelon radishes, too.

Look for tender baby spinach and crisp lettuces as the weather cools in the coming weeks. And, if you are looking to spice up your veggy life, arugula is a good start. Radish sprouts from micro-green farmers at Market can be added for some zing. And, don’t forget about those tomatoes. Heirlooms that prosper in this climate alongside varieties grown in greenhouses and high tunnels can round out the salad.

If you’re looking for specific information about any of the fall fruits and veggies – eggplant, radishes, greens, or tomatoes or others – the best source of information is the farmer, whose family feeds our families each week. As them for descriptions of varieties and for their favorite recipes, and don’t forget to report back to them the next week!