Elixirs For the Heart, From the Heart

Did you know that the SFC Farmer’s Market Downtown has a local herbalist who makes love potions? Sarah Ross of Lemon Tree Herbs makes herbal remedies - tinctures, elixirs, seasonal bitters, infused vinegars, elderberry syrup and teas—in the folk medicine tradition of our foremothers. Sarah started her little business at the market a year ago, and it is truly a labor of love.

What makes Lemon Tree Herbs so special is Sarah’s focus on matters of the heart, making plant medicine for the heart from the heart. Not only the physiological heart is important in this view (although she does carry remedies to help maintain normal blood pressure and cardiovascular health), but the spiritual/emotional heart is the real center. Issues of love, self-compassion, grief, sadness, fear, stress, anxiety, nervous tension, insomnia are all part of this and are common, normal experiences that we share as humans. Sarah makes heart elixirs from plants (many of them gathered locally from farms and wild lands) to help nourish, support, and calm the emotional and spiritual self, as well as the body. She even makes an aphrodisiac love elixir to bring passion to the heart and body!

Heart elixirs make lovely, unique, useful gifts anytime for yourself or for a loved one, and you might consider an elixir perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift!

Lemon Tree Herbs invites you to follow your heart down to the Saturday market on February 13th and check out some elixirs. Featuring these heart elixirs for the season of love:

Ashwagandha Rose Lavender Heart Elixir: Infused in brandy and finished with local honey. Brings beauty and softness to the spiritual heart and calm strength to the body. Used for stress, anxiety, and good sleep as well as grief or sadness. Ashwagandha helps to normalize stress hormones (cortisol), bringing more balance. This elixir is a beautiful way to practice self-compassion and makes a great gift from the heart for someone you love.

Lemon Shen Heart Elixir: Also known as “liquid sunshine”, this seasonal elixir is made with fresh organic Meyer lemons, rosemary, lemon balm, mint, hawthorn berries, and a hint of nutmeg and cloves; all infused in Tito’s vodka and finished with a bit of local honey. This is a spirit and heart lifter—both calming and uplifting. Lemon helps move spirit consciousness or “shen” from the head (too much shen in the head causes anxiety) to the heart. In our hearts, we can find balance and listen to the truth of our paths. Also, Lemon Shen is great for the liver and supportive of the immune system.

And not to forget the aphrodisiac love potion!!

Fiery Love Elixir: Made with damiana, muira puama root, shatavari, warming spices, brandy and local honey. Used to bring fire, passion and desire to heart and body. It works both physiologically and energetically and has been tested on real couples who report back on its wonderfulness! Fiery Love Elixir is a fun way to spice things up and bring an element of excitement and connection to your love life!

Wishing you a life of love, from my heart.

--Lemon Tree Herbs/Sarah Ross