Celebrating Tomatoes at SFC Farmers' Market: July Vendor Picks

Heirlooms, cherries, slicers, and canners--we love them all! At SFC Farmers' Markets, July is a celebration of the summer tomato in all its glory. Market farmers and chefs are just as smitten as we are with this summer's lush, juicy, abundant harvest--here's the insider's scoop on our vendors favorite offerings from their own farms and kitchens!

  • Richardson Farms loves grilled Pork Chops with a fresh tomato-basil salad.
  • Brazos Valley Cheese recommends their Marinated Feta with Sundried Tomato—perfect for picnics or cocktail hour.
  • Lamba’s Indian loves pairing sweet Tomato Sabji with warm paratha or naan.
  • Peach Creek Farm loves pairing their pastured Sweet Italian Sausages with summer peppers and tomatoes—serve with pasta or crusty bread.
  • Shrub Drinks’s Tomatillo Lime Serrano Shrub makes a great margarita mix, marinade for cucumbers, or a tart flavor kick for fresh salsa.
  • Blackland Prairie Yellow ‘Mini’ Tomatoes have a fruity flavor—try them in a savory-sweet salad with cacntaloupe, cucumber, mint & feta cheese.
  • Black Krim Tomatoes from B5 Farm are smoky and a little salty—Farmer Jamey says they are best just plain!
  • Monkebo Farm is whipping up a simple omelette supper with their Duck Eggs and summer tomatoes.
  • Blue Lotus Winery pairs lighter, more acidic Malvasia Bianca and Grande Blanc with summer tomato dishes.
  • Crusty, warm Texas French Bread Baguettes are fantastic for tomato crostini and bruschetta.
  • Round Rock Honey simmers up a balsamic reduction with Wildflower Honey to drizzle over tomatoes.
  • IO Ranch loves Ground Lamb for grilling up juicy burgers with thick slices of tomato.
  • Texas Olive Oil recommends buttery Muy Bueno EVOO Blend with summer tomatoes, or their Basil Oil for the classic bsail + tomato combo.
  • Confituras Green Tomato Jam is a classic French-style jam infused with cinnamon and lemon, which pairs great with cheeses.
  • Texas French Bread Ciabatta is fantastic for tomato crostini and bruschetta.
  • Kitchen Pride suggests ripe summer tomato personal pizzas with Portobello Mushrooms for the crust.
  • Mill King Creamery & Dairy makes an incredible caprese salad with their tangy Cheese Curds, ripe tomato, basil, and a drizzle of olive oil.
  • Simmons Family Farm can't grow enough sweet Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes--customers eat them like grapes!
  • Yvonne at Concha's Salsa & Seafood stuffs Fresh Flounder with breadcrumbs and tomato, then pan fries them.
  • Bat Creek Farm grows a wide array of heirloom tomatoes--try the Black Pineapple (great for BLT's), the sweet and stunning Chocolate Stripe, and bight and lemony Yellow Russians.
  • All this shopping made you hungry? Pick up a Goat Cheese & Tomato Jam Sandwich on Seven Grain Bread from Easy Tiger.
  • Lone Star Nursery has Five Varieties of Basil for your home garden--plant now for enjoying with fall tomatoes.
  • Agua Dulce has sweet and spicy purple Opal Basil--beautiful on tomato crostini with goat cheese.
  • Tomato-flecked Tabouli from The Mediterranean Chef is fantastic for a quick summer lunch, on a mezze platter or with grilled fish or chicken.
  • Farmer Hersch at Indian Hills Farm waits until his juicy Hybrid Tomatoes are bright red to pick them--not a moment sooner. Customers love his Heirloom Varieties too!
  • Countryside Farm suggests serving their Stuffed Chicken with an heirloom tomato sauce.