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Bring Your Valentine to the Market!

Most people don’t think of taking someone on a “date” to the farmers’ market. But you can actually learn a lot about a person by taking them to the market to spend some time with them. Much more so that going to a movie or dinner. And, you can reinforce your relationship with an endearing occasion that you’ll always remember by bringing your sweetheart to the market.

For instance, bring your date to the market this coming Saturday, February 14 (aka Valentine’s Day), and find out if they absolutely abhor broccoli. Or if they prefer pastries over chocolate. See what kind of music they like by sitting in the café and discussing your purchases of olive oil and herbs. You can find out of this new person if they really like dogs, if they ignore children, or if they know the fine qualities of kombucha.

For your long-term love, a trip to the SFC Farmers’ Market on Saturday reinforces your partnership when you stroll the aisles and pick out your favorite vegetable, talk to the rancher about merits of free range practices, and you share a hot breakfast plate in the café, exchanging bites. You build a fond memory in the future as you complete your shopping – for creating a DIY Valentine’s Day meal that you’ll make for each other from market goods.

Take your sweetheart to the market this Saturday, whether you’re on the first date or the 1,000th, and you’ll make it a memorable occasion that you both can happily enjoy.