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Plan Now for a Healthy Holiday

The holiday season has arrived, and with it comes the chance to eat lots of high-calorie treats and do lots of lounging. Everybody likes to indulge, especially this time of year, but the greatest gift you can give yourself is to stay on track with your health goals!

On average, people gain about a pound during the holidays. But if you're already overweight, the average weight gain is 5 pounds! We typically don't lose weight throughout the year, which means holiday weight gain tends to accumulate from year to year. So, whether you're already at a healthy weight or not, it's best to have a plan for healthy holiday eating.

Some tips:

  • Share your healthy meals: Bring a healthier dish to potlucks and dinners
  • Snack healthy: Don't go to a party starving - eat a serving or two of veggies before you go out!
  • Be a healthy host: If you're the host, make it easier to make good choices for your guests
  • Eat well: Don’t skip meals to compensate for a party
  • Veggie forward: Fill your plate first with veggies at a holiday party
  • Avoid liquid calories: Cut back on soda and alcohol

Lastly, stick with the calendar holidays:

When there is a holiday don’t drag it out for the entire month. Enjoy it, and then put the candy and treats away.

And when we say calendar holidays, we’re talking about the occasional Valentine’s Day chocolate, Thanksgiving pies, or Halloween candy—not the increasingly popular National Donut Day, French Toast Day, Marshmallow Day, and beyond.

There is always an excuse to make unhealthy choices, so start finding excuses to make healthy ones!