Interning at SFC!

During my last semester as a student at Texas A&M University, where I studied Community Health, I collaborated on a group project evaluating SFC’s The Happy Kitchen/La Cocina Alegre®. This project introduced me to SFC’s initiatives and led me to want to intern with SFC. At the beginning of this internship, I understood that one of SFC’s main focuses was to help people learn how to prepare healthy meals at an affordable cost. After a month of interning, I have been exposed to and seen many more goals SFC accomplishes for the Austin community. This organization improves the lives of everyone that is involved from its employees to the people of the community they reach out to. SFC is here to build food security, support local farmers, and bring gardening to different communities to sustain a healthy life for all. Being able to actively take part in all of these goals and accomplishments is such a rewarding work experience. SFC has not only challenged me, but has improved my communication, developed my creativity, as well as increase my knowledge-based skills. My experiences with this organization have been so much more than I could have asked for out of an internship!

A special moment that I have experienced at SFC was when I helped facilitate the first community cooking night after one of the Happy Kitchen/La Cocina Alegre® six week cooking class series had ended. The community cooking night was intended for all of the participants to come together, cook, and celebrate getting through the entire cooking class series. It was really great and fulfilling to see everyone enjoying each other’s company while preparing their dinner. At the end of the night, a lot of the participants came up to hug me and tell me how much they appreciated this class and being a part of The Happy Kitchen/La Cocina Alegre®. This was the first time I had gotten to see the positive and uplifting experiences the SFC creates.