Healthy Holiday Tips

Don't let the holidays undo a year's worth of healthy eating! On average, people gain about a pound during the holidays. But if you're already overweight, the average weight gain is 5 pounds! We typically don't lose weight throughout the year, which means holiday weight gain tends to accumulate from year to year. So, whether you're already at a healthy weight or not, it's best to have a plan for healthy holiday eating.

Some tips:

  • Bring a healthier dish to potlucks and dinners
  • Don't go to a party starving
  • If you're the host, make it easier to make good choices by your guests
  • Eat a serving or two of veggies before you go out
  • Don’t skip meals to compensate for a party
  • Fill your plate first with veggies at a holiday party

"But it's the holidays and I love pumpkin pie! Great! Have a piece and really enjoy it or, better yet, split a piece with someone. But don't have 3 pieces and don't wash it down with the pecan pie. Choose your desserts wisely and savor them."