Watermelon Chili Lime Spice

Crowd Pleasing Summer Recipes

The 4th of July is next week, and that means a day of sun, fun, and food! What better way to celebrate with your friends and family than with some healthy, delicious and local summer dishes?

If you need a healthy and filling side dish, check out our Chickpea Celery Salad or our Smokey Black Bean Quinoa Salad. Looking for something on the sweeter side? Try our Tomato and Watermelon Feta Salad, or spice things up with these Chili-lime Watermelon Slices.

Want to use those fresh peaches available at the farmers' market now? Try our Spicy Peach Salsa that's sure to impress. Wow all the kids and cool off with a scoop of Strawberry Mint Granita, and please all the parents with one of these Seasonal Summer Sangria recipes from the Bonneville.

No matter what you cook up, remember to keep things local by shopping for the best summer ingredients at the SFC Farmers' Markets this weekend!