Class Spotlight: Handmade with Love

With so many skin care products to choose from, making good choices can be downright confusing. You can simplify your skincare product search and routine by choosing quality over quantity. And, if you have the DIY gene, you can even learn to make these products yourself. They make great gifts, too!

On May 4th, Amy Reynolds, founder and owner of UP! Organics, will join us in The Happy Kitchen, to show you how to get started. We asked Amy to tell us more about her business, her products and herself.

Which came first for you, an interest in food or skincare?

I would say both! I grew up on a farm and became very close to nature at an early age. The products I make are made from herbs and flowers and natural waxes--such as beeswax. All the things we had on the farm. But I got my degree in Nutrition and was always an athlete so I learned really early on about nutrition for sports. I didn't formally begin my career in skincare until I was 30 years old.

What inspired you to start your company?

A long time ago, I was an avid rock climber. From that experience, I built a company that made health-conscious products that were sold in the outdoors industry. Eventually, it became clear to me that my business partner and I were diverging in our values. Around that same time, I lost two of my sisters within a few months of each other. I decided I wanted a change. I wanted to get back to working directly with the raw materials, and I was feeling the terrible loss of my family and I thought, "Well, if this is rock bottom, then there is only one way to go, UP!" So I named my new company UP! Organics (I use only botanical ingredients, many are certified Organic).

What¹s different about UP! Organics?

The biggest difference is that I don't use fillers or synthetic ingredients: all of my ingredients are botanical, which makes the products super concentrated and super effective. When I created my product line, I wanted every skin care need to be covered. I have a "fix" for everything that can go on your skin, and not just moisturizers. There’s Bug Fix-natural insect repellant, Pain Fix--muscle and joint balm, etc. So someone who wanted to feel safe and only use completely clean products could do one-stop shopping at I even have an an all-purpose cleaner called Clean Fix!

Why is it important to use natural ingredients and product?

For me it is elementary. We come from and depend on the natural world for our existence. I have not found any research that supports using synthetic chemicals as being healthy for our bodies. But I have found lots of research where chemicals cause damage, not only to us but to the environment.

What do you recommend for summer skin care in Texas?

Well, to beat the heat there’s our Big Tree spray. It is a cooling body spray that smells great! Fir, Spruce, Spearmint and Lemon essential oils. I also always direct people to the Environmental Working Group's yearly sunscreen report. It is a great way to pick the right sunscreen or block for your activities. Also, drink a lot of clean water. Stay hydrated. And don't get burned!

Any tips for people making DIY skincare products?

Do it! It is so easy and so much info on Youtube. Keep it simple and don't be afraid to botch a batch! You can always use it for something!

Any future goals or plans you¹d like to share?

I have some new products coming out this year. A new line called Babe for babies and small children. And one called Pets for dogs and cats. And also Teen for young adult skin. Just three products in each line, to compliment my Dude and Dame lines, all under the umbrella of UP! Organics.