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Food Access is Essential

Watch the video above for an update from Alex Mace, Food Access Manager, at the SFC Farmers' Market at Sunset Valley.

As shelter-in-place guidelines carry on, the families we serve are facing even more challenges accessing food than ever before.

Fortunately, our Double Up Food Bucks program is still in place at our SFC Farmers' Markets and at partner sites throughout Austin. With Double Up Food Bucks, low-income families can use their SNAP and WIC benefits to purchase fresh, healthy food from local farmers, and those benefits will then be DOUBLED, up to $30. This enables a family to purchase up to $60 worth of local food every week, to keep their families healthy.

We are working hard to ensure this program continues to provide critical food access to the families who need it most. We have enabled strict safety protocols at the market to keep our vendors, customers, and ourselves safe. And we are exploring new, innovative options to make sure our food access programs reach as many people as we can.

We need your continued support to make sure this essential program remains available during these uncertain times. When you donate today, your gift will be "doubled up" thanks to a generous matching grant from the Still Water Foundation. Please, invest in SFC today and make sure healthy, local food remains available for everyone in Central Texas.