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At this point in the session, any bill that has not at least gotten a committee hearing has no real chance of passing. Only one bill (HB 950/SB 330) that we support has gotten a hearing and we need help getting this bill to the finish line! For additional information about this bill, visit Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance.


Texas Senate Bill 1172 would prevent cities and counties from regulating any seed “in any manner, including planting seed or cultivating plants grown from seed.” The language about “cultivating” means that it’s not just about the seeds themselves, but the things the farmers use to grow the plants – including pesticides and herbicides that can kill other crops, crash bee populations, and harm human health.

TAKE ACTION: Local elected representatives need to retain their ability to protect their communities!

Call or email your State Representative and Senator and urge them to OPPOSE SB 1172 & its companion bill, HB 2758.

You can find out who your State legislators are by going to...


HB 231 / SB 700: Fair Property Taxes for Small Farmers by Representative Eddie Rodriguez & Senator Judith Zaffirini[1]

  • Currently, counties make it simple for people raising hay, livestock, or conventional row crops to get agricultural valuation which significantly lowers property taxes.
  • However, they often make it difficult or impossible for people raising vegetables for farmers’ markets, pastured poultry, or using organic methods.
  • Many small-scale or urban farmers are paying taxes based on the value of their land if it were to be developed.
  • HB 231 and SB 700 clarify the tax code by specifying that fruit and vegetable production qualify as “agricultural uses” and directing the Comptroller to convene stakeholder groups to develop clear guidelines for ag valuation qualification.
  • This bill could save small farmers thousands of dollars annually in property taxes.
  • Last session, a very similar bill was passed...