Which Market is Right for Me?

2020-09 Downtown Tents IMG 01 WEBSITE.png

Downtown Austin at Republic Square Park

Overview: The SFC Farmers' Market Downtown hosts locals and tourists who enjoy the market as their Saturday morning ritual. They visit the market to enjoy brunch or coffee with friends while grabbing some produce. They love to see and be seen and are likely to post photos of their market visit on social media.

  • 2700+ avg weekly customers
  • 60% couples and individuals / 40% families
  • Visit the market from all over Austin
  • Most likely to live by themselves and less likely to buy for their families
  • More likely to use the market as a social outlet
SFC Farmers' Market Sunset Valley - Long Shot - WEBSITE.jpg

Sunset Valley at the Toney Burger Center

Overview: The SFC Farmers' Market at Sunset Valley is particularly family-friendly and has many repeat customers each week who visit from the surrounding neighborhoods. The shoppers trust the market and its vendors and tend to prefer longer market visits with personal interactions with friends and vendors.

  • 1000+ avg weekly customers
  • 55% couples and individuals / 45% families
  • Customers tend to be each other’s neighbors
  • Often buy for their families and seldom come by themselves
  • More likely to visit the market to stock up on groceries