Core Values


We believe that the community’s inherent power and leadership is the foundation for a truly equitable and sustainable food system.

  • We ensure our service delivery is equitably distributed and focus our resources in high needs areas and populations negatively impacted by a broken food system.
  • We believe in self-determination, supporting individuals’ and the community’s capacity to reliably grow, sell, access and prepare healthy food.
  • We advocate for inclusive stakeholder involvement in decisions on food systems and policies.
  • We work in collaboration with food system and racial justice partnerships, advocates, and initiatives to improve SFC’s effectiveness in supporting low-income populations and communities of color.
  • We support the development of community leaders who champion SFC’s work and who pass on knowledge and skills that improve healthy food access within their communities.


We approach our work, the community, and each other with authenticity, honesty, and respect.

  • We provide credible and trustworthy community-based programs and resources.
  • We respect each other, our community, and our environment in all that we do.
  • We support open and honest dialogue, and assume the best intentions in others when dealing with conflict.
  • We are transparent and ethical in our stewardship of the organization and our resources.


We cultivate meaningful relationships with each other and the larger community.

  • We prioritize teamwork, shared responsibility, and group problem-solving as a means of effectively reaching goals and addressing challenges.
  • We embrace the idea of collective impact by actively seeking and responding to partnership opportunities.
  • We contribute fully to collaborative efforts, and value the same level of participation from our partners.
  • We embrace our diverse community and the connection we share within our food system.


We make the best use of resources to achieve the greatest possible outcomes.

  • We are creative problem solvers –striving for innovative solutions to systemic challenges.
  • We value and seek to strengthen existing community resources.
  • We seek knowledge of our complex food system in order to be a valuable resource to the community.
  • We challenge ourselves to exceed expectations in our daily work.


We foster an enjoyable and fruitful environment for healthy living.

  • We devote the time and space to create a workplace that we enjoy.
  • We create experiences that inspire individuals and communities.
  • We engage communities in exploring creative and impactful activities.
  • We strive to incorporate passion, humor, spontaneity, and joy into our daily lives.
  • We maintain a healthy balance between our work and our personal lives.