Sprouting Healthy Kids

Food is learning. Sprouting Healthy Kids is began as Sustainable Food Center's farm-to-school and food systems education project. , that incorporated locally grown foods into school cafeterias, provided printed promotional materials, offered awareness activities such as Veggie Sampling activities and Meet the Farmer events, and supported classroom education and afterschool enrichment programs that teach kids about healthy, local food systems. Local food in school cafeterias and other farm-to-school efforts provide access to nutritious food and help build knowledge and relationship with healthy food systems. Sprouting Healthy Kids enables young people to make positive decisions about concerning their own health and nutrition, and contribute to the health of their families and their communities.

Farm to School

Farm to School is a key element of Sustainable Food Center's work with school children, which also includes food and nutrition education for students at Austin schools.

SFC has worked through our network of local farmers and with school food service staff to incorporate locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables into school cafeterias. This effort improves the sustainability of local farms by providing an additional sales outlet and encourages consumption of fresh and nutritious foods among students.

We work with our network of local farmers and with school food service staff to promote the availability of locally grown foods in school cafeterias with posters, signs, and other outreach materials. Farmers also assist in the educational aspects of the project by sharing their farm stories and photos at "Meet the Farmer" visits.

SFC also promotes local foods by coordinating veggie sampling days at schools, where students have the opportunity to try new or unfamiliar fruits and vegetables during lunchtime. This component of Sprouting Healthy Kids has benefited greatly from input and support from Austin Independent School District Food Services staff.


Adrienne Haschke, Farm Direct Projects Manager