School and Community Farm Stands

School and Community Farm Stands provide a space for families to purchase high-quality, fresh produce at a low cost, directly within in their own neighborhoods. They are situated in familial spaces where people gather and connect. SFC works within our local farmer networks to connect growers to communities where limited access to healthy food has been identified as a concern by residents. Uniquely, Farm Stands are planned in direct collaboration with community members, and are fully operated by community leaders, with logistical support from SFC.

SFC has worked in collaboration with the Go! Austin/Vamos! Austin Initiative (GAVA) on the development of this project. GAVA is a coalition of residents, community leaders and nonprofits that share a common interest in improving the health of the 78744 and 78745 communities through increased access to and participation in physical activity and improved nutrition. SFC is also working collaboratively with the City of Austin Department of Health and Human Services on the further development of this project, including expansion to other parts of Austin.

It motivates me because it’s so close to home. The produce is so fresh, and the prices are low. I’m going to eat these carrots right now!” – José, St. Elmo Road Farm Stand shopper


Simone Benz, Food Access Projects Manager