Betsy Boone

Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Betsy manages marketing and public relations for SFC. She has experience working with both nonprofit and for profit organizations including local and national nonprofits, software companies, university tech transfer centers, startups and seed capital investment funds. She holds an MBA in International Management & Marketing and has lived and worked overseas for several global organizations. She has worked with organizations in the US, the U.K., and Asia and on economic development initiatives with USAID in South Africa.

Betsy is on the board of directors of the Texas Pie Kitchen, manages several programs for Austin Dog Rescue and is an active volunteer in the central Texas community in the areas of health and wellness education, food access, domestic violence education and prevention, and animal welfare.

Betsy is passionate about lending a hand and building a healthy community. She aspires to live the motto “may your gratitude be greater than your expectations”. Betsy and her husband enjoy local food, music, travel, visiting farmers markets and camping with their resident and foster dogs.